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Television repair and installation services

When you make an investment in electrical or entertainment equipment, you expect it to last. Unfortunately, televisions and stereo equipment occasionally requires repair. Don't be fooled into thinking that modern equipment cannot be fixed; don't spend thousands on brand new replacements when our TV repair service can have your existing model working perfectly once more.  K.T. Electronics's South Launceston-based services include the repair of televisions, stereos, hi-fi equipment, DVD players, and more. We offer expert service that covers all major brands. The latest plasmas and LCD technology is no problem for our professional repairers. For more information, or to arrange a quote, give K.T. Electronics a call in South Launceston today.


K.T. Electronics's TV repair service encompasses more than just televisions. We can repair any type or electrical equipment including:

  • LCD and Plasma Televisions
  • Older  CRT Televisions
  • DVD players and VCRs
  • Hi-fi and stereo equipment
  • Home theatre equipment
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Appliances
  • Coffee machines

Call our professional team in South Launceston and get your entertainment systems up and running again in no time.

About us

When it comes to TV repair, experience and expertise are highly important. Television technology is changing at a rapid rate, and repairers who don't stay on top of the latest developments can be left behind. K.T. Electronics is constantly following the latest developments and retraining to ensure that we can expertly and reliably repair all of the latest models. We also offer fantastic customer service, and our premium-level communication skills meaning that you're kept fully informed of your options. We'll quickly and efficiently assess your damaged equipment and provide an accurate estimate of the cost of repair. If you choose to proceed, your repairs will be completed before you know it, with full quality guarantees. For experienced, reliable TV repair in South Launceston, speak to K.T. Electronics.

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